I wrote a piece of fucking good writing

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I wrote a piece of fucking good writing: this is not it

Cat dying on the floor in 3- 2- 1

Find a mantra
Fuck the mantra

Fiddle with something on top of an important building
Get arrested
Write home and apologise
Alternatively tell them your neighbour put you up to it

Take a photo of yourself during the night
Accuse the same neighbour for having shot it

Untie all the knots of your insides, and attempt to walk

A common thought is probably not remotely common at all
They sound similar, but that does not make them related
Leave all common thoughts before they kill you

Before you die of all age, consider not dying at all

Who can imagine themselves ruling the world?
I guess it takes balls I don’t have
Roll over the world and apologise
Roll over and apologise
One should apologise more on a day- to- day basis
It makes character dissolve efficiently with no traces of a self

Sabotage friendships, progress and general conversations
To do the opposite will then feel like getting high

In general: go by smell
If things smell suspicious, odds are they are
If things smell too good to be true: the same

Fun and light- heartedness will be replaced by the opposite
Bear in mind whilst having fun and feeling light- hearted

I think sharks are the most beautiful and efficient creatures I can ever dream of encountering

End of dream 1

Skrevet av Sunniva Vikør Egenes

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