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There`s a crew of five people in denim clothing. Everyone is damn beautiful without make-up. Everyone is damn cute with small I-just-woke-up eyes. You can definitely tell that they are all from somewhere. Their shoes are old. They used to be white. While the audience needs to wear a life west for security reasons the crew of five doesn`t, for artistic reasons. The sky is the limit for the scenography, and underneath the piece it is really deep. But all we wonder is what sex they are underneath the hard denim. The movements are simple; small travels with one arm after the other; leg, toungue. The air is salty. Everyone is thirsty. And everyone has to pee.

We fall in love with all five, and feel seasick in our diaphragm. Not knowing if they are somebody`s father or mother but knowing that they are somebody`s child. Our dream scenario would be to be their loyal pet.

The same night every member of the audience have the same dream. They pre-sensed it while watching the performance. Next morning everyone is filled with the same story about the dog from school which belongs to the butcher. The dog ate the only rabbit that was left, right before the queen came hungry for meat. They couldn’t imagine the consequences but realized anyway it could include death. So doggy hid his puppy eyes and gave his life.

Av Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas, publisert i The Swedish Dance History ep.4.

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